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King-Flow Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 2007, is located in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan. we have been selling garden supplies for many years and have considerable experience in watering systems such as water pipes, Water timers, and sprays.

With a professional perspective and rigorous management, King-Flow Industrial Co., Ltd. tries its best to create water-saving and easy-to-use products for customers to use. To meet customer needs and improve service quality and product quality, our quality has passed ISO9001 verification. From raw material production to assembly and production, we must do a good job in every step of strict control and testing.
We are very sure and confident about our products.

Unlike other manufacturers, our end-to-end design enables smooth and stable water flow to every corner of the water pipe
The features of easy cleaning and storage also make the water pipe more competitive
The special design inside the water pipe makes the water pipe not eas... [more]
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